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Idlewild Bridge - Teague Nall & Perkins

Structural engineering is an integral part of most infrastructure projects.   TNP has been providing structural engineering services since its inception in 1976.  Our structural team is lead by a PhD structural engineer with more than 40 years of experience.  Our services and experience cover a large breadth of structural systems including bridges, foundations, retaining walls, vaults, building frames, walkways, parking garages, and others.  We have experience designing structures of various materials such as reinforced concrete, pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete, structural steel, masonry and timber.  Our projects have ranged from highway bridges to steel elevated water storage tanks and include just about every type of structure used in infrastructure construction.  Our structural services include:

  • Bridge design
  • Building structural design
  • Design of elevated water storage tanks, towers and other freestanding structures
  • Design of special vaults and structures
  • Foundation design
  • Parking garage design
  • Retaining and structural wall design


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