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Relocation - Teague Nall & Perkins

Utility related conflicts are a major cause of delays and claims during roadway construction. Every type of new project, from major reconstruction to minor projects, requires a meticulous awareness of the utility systems already in place and, all too often, in the way of proposed improvements.  TNP delivers a distinct service that focuses on minimizing impacts to utilities, thus reducing project delays. Using our experienced utility coordination team to effectively identify utilities and resolve conflicts on proposed plans saves time and money, all while helping to keep the project on schedule.  Our utility coordination services include:

  • Adjustment Agreement Packages for Reimbursable Work
  • As-Built Plan Preparation
  • Conflict Determination
  • Redesign of Roadway Elements to Eliminate Conflicts
  • Utility Adjustment Inspection
  • Utility Adjustment Plans

The combination of our SUE work in conjunction with our Utility Coordination effort is a proven cost saver, adding value to our clients programs by reducing contractor delays, contractor claims, increased public safety and reduced construction costs.

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