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government - Teague Nall & Perkins


The government market includes work for federal and state agencies and local entities, such as counties, cities and towns.  Over eighty-five percent of TNP’s clientele lie within the governmental market sector.  We provide services for more than 80 North Texas government entities on a regular basis.

transportation - Teague Nall & Perkins


TNP has been providing transportation planning and design services since 1976.  Our engineers have extensive experience providing highway, street, thoroughfare, and bridge design services to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), municipalities, counties, toll authorities, and private developers.  From multi-million dollar highway infrastructure improvements to minor residential streets, our engineers are committed to the provision of safe and effective design solutions that deliver value to clients and the public.


education - Teague Nall & Perkins


TNP’s specialized site development team has extensive experience providing planning and design services for educational facilities.   TNP serves over 30 Texas school districts and has completed over 200 school district projects.  We provide a full range of on-site and off-site planning and design services, including sports fields and recreational facilities.

Healthcare - Teague Nall & Perkins


Hospitals, clinics, emergency care facilities and other specialized healthcare facilities are in demand to meet the needs of a growing and aging population. TNP has served this market by providing engineering, surveying and landscape architecture service for the design of new facilities and the renovation and expansion of existing facilities. TNP has worked for some of the largest healthcare providers and architects in the U.S. and worked on several high profile projects. Specialized expertise is required to serve this market and TNP has proven many times they can deliver the required expertise and value to architects and owners on healthcare projects.

VERTICAL SEPARATORS - Teague Nall & Perkins


TNP offers extensive experience with the design and construction of natural gas facilities within an urban environment.  We use state-of-the-art design software and strategic partners for designing liquid and gas pipelines, analyzing stresses and surge potential, developing testing and maintenance procedures, evaluating corrosion concerns and cathodic protection needs, and preparing details to account for soil loading and movement.  Our professionals and strategic partners are some of the most effective in the industry when it comes to designing facilities, but we also stay focused on our clients’ financial and contractual commitments as well.

land development - Teague Nall & Perkins


TNP offers a qualified team of professionals committed to providing creative value focused designs and personal service to our development clients.  We can address your development needs from project start to finish, and our experience varies from small commercial and retail tracts to large master-planned communities.  TNP places a strong emphasis on thorough conceptual planning and feasibility studies to evaluate viability of proposed developments before design begins.  TNP is sensitive to the financial and contractual commitments of developers and we strive to provide cost effective designs in a timely manner.


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