third-party recruiters

Thank you for your interest in working with TNP!

TNP recognizes the benefit of selectively partnering with third-party recruitment agencies who are strategically aligned with our industry and company culture. By leveraging their expertise, we can streamline our hiring process, make more informed decisions, and build a team of dedicated professionals who share our vision and values.

Our preferred vendors work closely with our HR team. They are knowledgeable of our industry, offer robust networks of qualified candidates, and are considered strategic partners of TNP.

TNP’s Policy for Recruitment Agencies

  • All vendors must have an executed preferred vendor agreement from a member of TNP’s HR team. Verbal or written commitments from any other member of TNP’s staff will not be considered binding terms.
  • TNP will not accept unsolicited resumes from vendors. Resumes submitted to any TNP employee will be considered the property of TNP unless an executed preferred vendor agreement is in place.
  • TNP is not obligated to pay a placement fee to a vendor unless a valid preferred vendor agreement is in place with TNP’s HR team in advance of submitting a candidate for consideration.
  • It is the responsibility of all third-party recruiting/staffing agencies to know this policy. Thank you for complying with our third-party recruiting terms.

Contact Us 

If you would like to be considered as a potential preferred vendor, please apply with us directly at tnphr@tnpinc.comProviding your information does not qualify you as an approved vendor. You will be contacted by a member of TNP’s HR team if there are further questions or if you become one of our approved vendors.


third-party recruiters
third-party recruiters