Professional and personal development is key to your career growth.

Career Development

This is how our story began…

Two talented people started a small civil engineering company focused on building strong client relationships by providing exceptional services. They built a talented team by investing in and developing people, who in turn mentored and developed others.

“Go looking for the best in people, and you’ll be amazed at how much talent, ingenuity, empathy and good will you’ll find.”

~ Bob Burg and John David Mann, The Go-Giver

Career Development
Career Development

And so our story continues…

….talented people mentoring and developing other talented people who become well-equipped to do the same.

Today TNP has become a multi-disciplined firm where careers are launched and developed for the purpose of serving, impacting and transforming our communities and our world.

The TNP career development process is intentionally designed to coach you along your specific career path. Focus, Collaboration and Accountability are at the core of our process and we are committed to lead the way in your career development through state of the art technology, ongoing technical training and our mentoring program.

The most distinctive part of our career development process is the TNP 1-on-1 mentoring and leadership development system. This unique TNP process is customized to develop and deploy each team member in a way that maximizes his or her career potential, professional calling, and life impact both professionally and personally.