We are a firm called to create, develop and empower lifelong impact players, both professionally and personally.  Impact players don’t just happen. They are intentionally connected, nurtured and initiated in the right environment. We believe the right environment has two essential elements: High Impact People and High Impact Experiences. TNP has both essential elements within our collaborative work environment.

The first essential element is High Impact People.  Those are the people that are brought into our lives, who support us, encourage us, challenge us, and pour truth into us.  No matter their title, these gifted people have been our teachers, mentors and coaches.  TNP is intentional to raise up and empower high impact people within our company to mentor, guide, and sharpen the unique shape of each impact player that is being developed on our team.  The ultimate goal is for these impact players to make a positive difference at TNP, in their families, in their communities, and in our world.

The second essential element is High Impact Experiences.  Those are the learning experiences that we have been immersed in that stretch us and draw us beyond our comfort zone.  This could look like starting a new project or volunteering in a place or for a task that we are unfamiliar with.  TNP has intentionally created life-on-life mentoring that is more than a monologue or an informational download.  Instead, TNP creates learning experiences with meaningful dialogues that are transformational.

To grow and develop impact players, it is essential to have the right High Impact People creating the right High Impact Experiences in the right environment. It’s a balance and blend of both intentional and organic experiences that are customized for each impact player.  It’s having the freedom to change the world by changing yourself and having the people, the environment and the commitment from those on the same journey to help you grow professionally and personally and to become the “best” you, you were made to be.