Lebow Channel Watershed Improvements Program – CLIDE Award

The recent economic recession has challenged our nation’s resources and slowed development, but the 2011 Celebrating Leadership in Development Excellence (CLIDE) Award recipients rose to meet that challenge.  The CLIDE Award Recognition Program, established in 2003, honors local projects and initiatives that are helping to ensure the region’s prosperity into the future.  These projects exemplify the mission of the Center of Development Excellence to promote quality growth in North Central Texas that enhances the built environment, reduces vehicle miles of travel, uses water and energy resources effectively and efficiently, and helps advance environmental stewardship in order to ensure continued economic vitality and provide the highest attainable quality for all residents.

The City of Fort Worth’s Lebow Channel Watershed Improvements Program was one of sixteen projects in North Central Texas who was recognized in the 2011 CLIDE Award Recognition Program.  Award recognition is given to projects that exemplify one or more of the “Principles of Development Excellence” established by the Center of Development Excellence in five categories.  The Lebow Channel was awarded within the Public Planning and Policy category, which recognizes a local government for implementing a program or policy that facilitates and promotes various aspects of the Principles of Development Excellence.

CLIDE – Lebow Channel Watershed Improvements Program