Paving the Future: TNP’s Strategic Roadway Enhancements for Old Granbury Road

TNP is partnering with the City of Granbury and Hood County to develop roadway and intersection improvements for Old Granbury Road, a critical corridor for the community. TNP’s improvements cover about 4.5 miles, with project phases including Planning, Programming, and Implementation design.

Our 2023 traffic assessment found that, without intervention, the Level of Service (LOS) on Old Granbury Road would start to decline by 2028, leading to increased congestion and delays. TNP is providing proactive strategic solutions for the corridor that will address impending mobility challenges and support the overall economic and social vitality of the region for years to come.

Paving the Future: TNP's Strategic Roadway Enhancements for Old Granbury Road

Our Client-Centered Approach:

During our initial Planning phase, TNP will thoroughly analyze upcoming development, traffic volumes, and travel demands. We will then conduct a detailed evaluation of Old Granbury Road’s performance, examining the Level of Service (LOS) for each segment. Based on these assessments, TNP will establish improvement strategies and prepare cost estimates for each recommendation.

For the Programming phase, TNP will prioritize the identified improvements from the Planning phase and develop a phased implementation plan. This stage will focus on creating detailed cost estimates and timelines, ensuring that each step of the process is transparent and accountable to the community’s needs and expectations.

In the Implementation Design phase, TNP’s engineering team will transform the strategic plans into detailed blueprints. This phase is dedicated to designing the necessary enhancements with precision and care, considering the community’s feedback and environmental considerations to ensure that the final implementations are both effective and sustainable.

TNP Leadership in Action:

Ryan Jones, a Team Leader for TNP and Principal with the firm, has been an invaluable asset to the City of Granbury and Hood County on their Old Granbury Road project. Ryan has played a pivotal role in establishing an interlocal agreement, which has fostered seamless collaboration and a unified vision, streamlining the project’s process and aligning all parties towards common goals.

Read more about how TNP, Hood County, and the City of Granbury are collaborating on this innovative project here:,32935

Paving the Future: TNP's Strategic Roadway Enhancements for Old Granbury Road